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He has recently completed a book-length study on post-Civil War writing in the North, entitled Ashes of the Mind. His scholarly interests include the literature of memory and commemoration, and transatlantic cultural politics. The doubts and implications are not resolved but rather, in an ironic authorial maneuver, bequeathed to the reader, to see if he or she can make any sense of them. James, but presses the implications of that form further into the cognitive realm.

The narrative voices of "The Moonlit Road" are embodied in three distinct sections: the first related by Joel Hetman, Jr. No hint is given as to whether Bayrolles is male or female.

1. Introduction and Background

There is no framing narrative voice in "The Moonlit Road," and thus the reader has no indication as to who, if anyone, is supervising the presentation of the three individual accounts. Upon arrival, he finds out that his mother has been murdered. His father explains how he had returned earlier than planned from a trip to Nashville, saw a figure leaving the house, and discovered his wife dead by strangulation upstairs in her room.

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Some time after the traumatic event, both Joel and his father are walking home from the city on a moonlit summer's night. Close to their house, his father sees something on the road that frightens him, and Joel is conscious of a chill feeling enveloping him from head to foot. Distracted by a light in their house, Joel finally looks around and discovers his father has disappeared.

Brandi Vezina -- Book Launch

He never sees him again. The opening statement of Joel Jr.

In the second part of the story, "Statement of Caspar Grattan," the narrator has been delivered into the world as an adult, but without any memory of an earlier life. His began twenty years ago, at the moment of his emergence out of the forest.

He has given himself the name he now bears. Grattan describes a life of guilt-ridden wandering as a kind of social and psychological outcast. When he tries to name the source of the guilt, he can only offer a dream that sounds like the life that Joel and Julia Hetman although Grattan never mentions their names might have lived. He describes an attempt to test his wife's sexual fidelity "in a vulgar, commonplace way familiar to everyone who has acquaintanceship with the literature of fact and fiction.

EsoPvE -- The Moonlit Path [SPOILER Warning]

Grattan then finds his wife cowering in the corner of her room, and murders her in a fit of jealous rage. A second dream involves his dead wife confronting him on a moonlit road at night. He concludes his "Statement" with an ironic reversal of an expected trope:. My penance, constant in degree, is mutable in kind: one of its variants is tranquillity. After all, it is only a life-sentence. To-day my term expires. To each and all, the peace that was not mine.

Suicide appears to be his intention, but whether or not his "term" will expire, is a question that remains open at the end of the story.

The Moonlit Road and Other Ghost and Horror Stories

She senses an oppressive force, and hears a creature of some kind invading the house. It eventually leaves, and she goes to open the bedroom door; suddenly, she hears the sound returning and cowers on the floor in fear. She is then killed as she thinks but cannot say any more about it, as her knowledge cannot be more than "what we knew at death [which] is the measure of what we know afterward of all that went before. She recounts trying to make herself known to her family, finally seeing her husband on a moonlit road, and hoping that she could make him realize that she was present.

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She is happy to have made some kind of contact, and exults that "Love had conquered Law! Julia realizes that her son too must pass into the Life Invisible, as she calls it, and be lost to her forever, as the dead have no contact with each other in the other world.

With "The Moonlit Road" the reader is invited to compose a sequential plot from the narrative segments. She becomes conscious of an invasive presence of some kind in the house. Simultaneously, her husband returns early from Nashville, driven by a desire to check on whether or not his wife is being faithful to him in his absence. He observes, he thinks, a man leaving the house.

Cast & Team - The Moonlit Path

We are very grateful to Dr. Gustafson for this interview. Einsiedeln is located 25 miles to the south, about 5 miles from the southern end of the lake. It's an idyllic, picturesque mountain town that is so beautiful, it's surreal.

Getsumei No Michi: The Moonlit Path (Shinobi/Arithion)

I was there to visit Dr. We had a wonderful meeting, full of stories, in his office that looks out onto an enormous Benedictine monastery that is home to the Black Madonna. It was written by a friend of his in the United States, Dr. Hinshaw suggested that after I went across the street to see the Black Madonna, I might want to interview Dr. Gustafson when I got home. Jung Institute of Chicago.