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Now they are searching for two people, but conspiracy, and attraction, threaten to undo everything they are working for. He got his vengeance against the man who gave the order, but it only made him hungry for more. But revenge is a dish no longer served cold when passion ignites between them. The Pleasures of Passion , by Sabrina Jeffries Niall Lindsay has killed a man, which means he has to flee for his life.

He expects the woman he loves, Brilliana, to come with him, but she does not. When the tarnished Earl returns to society on a mission for the government, he is forced to reunite with his former love, whom he now hates. A Duke of Her Own , by Eloisa James A rake must marry to take responsibility for his illegitimate children, fathered over his years of being irresponsible with women.

Except that Lisette, the daughter of a different duke, engaged to another man…is the one who tempts him most. With his scarred face and dangerous reputation, he is the perfect protector…but it will take a lot to get him to find the heart needed to truly care for her. She is won or, rather, purchased by Lord Saxton, a man who wears a mask and cloak to hide the results of a terrible fire. And yet, just as she starts to fall for him, Christopher Seton appears once more.

Which will she choose: to remain the wife of a man who may not be able to reveal himself to her, or to betray him? Forbidden , by Jo Beverly Serena Riverton is done with marriage after barely escaping her first one with her life. But in a moment of passion, she seduces Francis, Lord Middlethorpe, and suddenly finds herself wondering whether true love can undo the darkness of her past. Lord of Vengeance , by Lara Adrian The story of Beauty and the Beast is reinterpreted in this romance where a woman is taken captive in an act of revenge—but eventually, makes the man fall in love with her.

At least not at first. But little does she know that Winter lives a double life, as a masked vigilante determined to protect his community, even with violence. Edenbrooke , by Julianne Donaldson Marianne Daventry is bored with her life—so when her sister invites her to a country estate that promises to have some adventure, she jumps at the chance. While Cecily seduces the heir of Edenbrooke, she will enjoy her freedom. Except when she arrives, an innocent flirtation leads her to more adventure than she bargained for.

Arabella , by Georgette Heyer Penned by the acknowledged original queen of Regency, this romance features a strong-willed heroine who, on her way to London, finds herself indisposed outside the home of Robert Beaumaris. Arabella pretends to be an aristocratic heiress, and so when Beaumaris introduces her to London society as one of them, she is scared of the consequences if he finds out she is a phony.

Trial by Desire , by Courtney Milan Lady Kate Carhart has finally healed from the damage done when her husband left her. So when Ned returns without notice, determined to win her back, she is equally determined to resist his charms. But when a secret from her past comes back to haunt her, he is the only one she can depend on. So when he meets Helen Ravenel, his desire to possess her is equal to his desire for wealth.

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The Earl of Ashford is a constant feature in the column for his rakish behavior…but when he extends an invitation to no longer write about him, but be with him, Eleanor is intrigued. But when the man of her dreams, Captain Logan Mackenzie, shows up, he turns out to be as close to her childish fantasies as she could have dreamed.

However, if she had a husband, he could vote for her…enter Nicholas Dymond, brother of the candidate, who will do anything to help him win, including ensuring Phoebe finds a husband.

iBooks Top Romance Short Story Ebooks

But when an attraction grows between them, more than just politics is at stake. But complications arise when a kidnapped woman is brought to him and he decides to avenge her—because its more than just king and country he winds up fighting for, but her heart. Lucien Vaudrey has been exiled to China for twenty years.

But his brother and father die in mysterious circumstances, and he has inherited both their titles, and their enemies. Stephen Day is a magician approached by the new Lord Crane to help him exact vengeance—and soon, as the magic of love forms between them, their relationship becomes more than just business. Will is below Susannah in all the ways that matter in the aristocracy—but focusing on solving the case becomes difficult when their attraction rises to the surface. But what begins as Kate interfering becomes her hoping that Anthony might choose her instead…. When she is rescued from robbers by Catesby Burgoyne, a marriage of convenience seems perfect for both of them.

She is discovered by Sir Richard Wyndham, who vows to protect her. But when Lt.

Honey sweet and erotic spice to indulge your literary vice.

Fleeing London society for a setting where she is less notorious, Camille teaches at an orphanage and lives with her grandmother. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2, other followers Follow click here to purchase.

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Wicked Valentine

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*~*Love Notes: Darren to Charlene – Pucked Love by Helena Hunting*~*

Our Paws Rock. Epic Pet Love. Jessica Melendez.